Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party Time!

I arrived at the office the morning of my birthday to discover my "little corner" was TP'd! The Assistants, Elder Lewis and Elder Dunford used their imagination and toilet paper (two-ply even!)to wish me a Happy Birthday! I was very touched by their thoughtfulness!! They are the greatest!
Our District Leader, Elder Chesa (sitting in the front with his arm around Elder Adams) conveniently moved our district meeting from the usual Tuesday to Friday. With the change he wondered if "someone" (hint hint) would bring cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday. I was glad to and we had a wonderful (and tasty) meeting. Here I am with 12 of the greatest missionaries in the world! We love serving with the Elders in this mission. They are all incredible young men and women and exceptional missionaries!
In the evening the couples went out to dinner and than came back to the mission home for cake and ice cream. After listening to President's spiel about the importance of blowing out ALL the candles to get my wish, I took a deep breath and blew and blew and blew. After the third try I realized they had used two trick candles! But no worries I was assured I still get my wish!!
We love serving and working side by side with these amazing couples, the Sabeys, the Turners, and the Lambs. Though I am away from my family on birthdays and holidays I am surrounded by love and those I now consider my mission family. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and consider it a great priviledge to be serving in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission.


  1. Hi Sister Saunders,

    Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! Thanks for all you do for the church in Ghana, and for the missionaries who serve there. It's easy to see why they all love you so.

    All the best. Love,

    Dawn MacKay
    Missionary Mom to Elder MacKay

  2. Happy Birthday Mommy!! good to know they are taking good care of you.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sister Margaret! It looks like you had some surprises :).

    I'm curious about Elder Dunford. My grandmother was a Dunford from the Bear Lake area. Do you know where he comes from? Just thought I'd ask. Perhaps we are related.