Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stake Conference and Birthday Cake

While in Kumasi we attended an all Africa Stake Conference, held on November 21, 2010 in 52 stakes and 53 Districts in 17 African countries. Since it is difficult to do a satellite broadcast in Africa, the DVD's were sent out to the various countries in advance. After the conference we were able to reunite with Sister Awuna who had served with us in Cape Coast.

In the Dichemso Stake Center there was standing room only for the conference. Elder Oaks spoke directly to the people of Africa about some sensitive issues here in Africa.

After church we went to Elder and Sister Kiffer's apartment to celebrate Elder Saunders Birthday. Sister Kiffer made him a "Thunder Cake" which he says, and I must agree, is "the best cake in the whole world!"

Baptism in Kumasi

When we first arrived in Ghana and began attending the Abakrampa Branch we met a very special young man. Maxwell attended the youth class faithfully. One Sunday Elder Saunders asked him to teach the class when the teacher didn't show up. He did an amazing job. After church Elder Saunders asked him if he had ever thought about serving a mission. Maxwell said Yes, he would like to do that. So he asked "how long have you been a member of the Church?" He replied "Oh, I've never been baptized". That weekend he moved to Kumasi (4-5 hour drive from Cape Coast). We called the missionaries in Kumasi and gave them Maxwell's name. We have visited with him over the phone and encouraged him to continue to meet with the missionaries. We also promised him that when he was baptized we would travel to Kumasi to witness his baptism. Here we are with our dear friend, Maxwell and the missionaries who never gave up on him, Elder Kamara and Elder Thompson.

After a year of having the discussions Maxwell learned for himself that the gospel is true. What a privilege it was to watch our dear friend enter the waters of baptism.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Opening Sunyani

Our mission has expanded! We have sent missionaries to the city of Sunyani, which is about a 6-7 hour journey from Cape Coast. The first 4 missionaries arrived in town on a Thursday and on Sunday they had 27 people at their apartment for sacrament meeting!

Elder Lamb, Elder Tadeo, Elder Marimira, Sister Saunders, Elder Bahme, and Elder and Sister Bennett are in front of one of the Sunyani apartments. We opened 3 apartments that are large enough to hold meetings. The people are so receptive to the gospel here. By the fourth week we had over 70 people attending the 3 groups.

Before the missionaries arrived the apartments were repaired and painted to be ready for church meetings. This one is bright yellow with pink trim. The inside is a beautiful shade of lime green! Makes our churches at home seem a little drab, don't ya think?!

We soon had plenty of people wanting to be baptized and no where to baptize them. Elder Saunders got on the phone and ordered a portable baptismal font. Here the men show us how it works. Elder Lamb, Elder Bahme, Elder Kiffer, Elder Bennett, and Elder Saunders are in front of one of the more conservative apartments! Even though we travelled on some of the worse roads in Ghana to visit Sunyani it was well worth it! The church continues to grow and we love being a part of helping make that happen here in Ghana!