Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stake Conference and Birthday Cake

While in Kumasi we attended an all Africa Stake Conference, held on November 21, 2010 in 52 stakes and 53 Districts in 17 African countries. Since it is difficult to do a satellite broadcast in Africa, the DVD's were sent out to the various countries in advance. After the conference we were able to reunite with Sister Awuna who had served with us in Cape Coast.

In the Dichemso Stake Center there was standing room only for the conference. Elder Oaks spoke directly to the people of Africa about some sensitive issues here in Africa.

After church we went to Elder and Sister Kiffer's apartment to celebrate Elder Saunders Birthday. Sister Kiffer made him a "Thunder Cake" which he says, and I must agree, is "the best cake in the whole world!"


  1. "Ohhh sister Awuna!" my favorite Nigerian! love her. i'm so glad you got to see her again. i can already here in my head what she must have said when she saw elder saunders! :)

    bowen glanced up at the computer while i was reading this and said, "is that grandpa? and a BIRTHDAY?? why he not golfing?" it was pretty funny. since grandpa said he would take bowen golfing on his next birthday he assumes that that is what should be done for every birthday!