Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Memories

Once a month on a Saturday (our p-day) we go to Pra-Awusi for the afternoon. We sit and visit with Francis under their cashew tree, hoping to feel a cool breeze.

We hand out candy to the children.

We take pictures of the beautiful children.
We dine with our dear friends, Alice and Francis. She prepares us fufu, light soup, rice, fried plantains and ground nuts for our dining pleasure! ;)
After dinner I sit in her humble home and help Alice bag her 40 loafs of bread, that she will later sell. She than sends us home with any left overs, bread for the week, and oranges to squeeze for juice. A day of good friends, good food (sort-of), and good memories!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Teaching and Baptizing

We have been driving the Abakrampa Elders (Meinzer and Smith) to a nearby village to teach the son of a member of our branch. As soon as we arrived, Benard would set the chairs up under this tree and nearby children would quickly climb the tree and listen to the discussion. We have enjoyed working with the Elders in teaching investigators for our branch.
Elder Smith and Elder Meinzer with the newest members of the Abakrampa Branch.

We love missionary work! For some reason, many Africans do not smile for pictures but believe me they are happy!