Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Mighty Change

On August 28, 2010 youth across the Africa West Area participated in a dramatic performance about the Book of Mormon, titled "A Mighty Change". There were over 10,000 youth performing scenes from the Book of Mormon all on the same day, in groups across the Africa West Area. Sister Lamb, Sister Sabey, and Sister and Elder Saunders waiting patiently in the hot sun for the performance to begin in Cape Coast. It only started 45 minutes late. Actually, pretty good for Ghana! There were a few technical difficulties but overall the performance was delightful!

Three of the sheep of King Lamoni's flock that Ammon protected from the wicked Lamanites. Primary children were recruited to be the sheep but most of the participants in the pageant were young men and young women age.

Wicked King Noah watches as his wicked priests try to capture Abinidi. All of the costumes for this production were made by Relief Society sisters, volunteering their time and their talents.

Youth from the Abakrampa branch wait for the pageant to begin. We helped transport these youth to the practices and helped get their costumes made.

Members from the Abakrampa branch watching the production. Investigator, Philomena holding her son Gideon and her mother Florence who is a recent convert. Her son Manassah was participating in the pageant. This pageant was a great missionary tool to help teach the lessons of the Book of Mormon.

All participating youth gather to sing the final song, also titled "A Mighty Change". The pageant represented the "mighty change of heart" that each of us can have occur in our lives as we study and live the principles found in the Book of Mormon.

The youth and their leaders try on their costumes for the first time in Abakrampa. This pageant gave the youth from Africa the chance to interact with other youth and feel the spirit as they sang hymns and acted out scenes from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon truly has had a "mighty change" on millions of lives all over the world!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eli and Emma's

While Marci and James were visiting we went to a workshop at "Eli and Emma's". Eli and Emma are both members of the church and best friends. Many years ago they started a business on the beach. They produce beautiful African printed fabric. They use white cotton fabric and stamp it with designs they carve out of foam, dipped in hot wax. Once the design is stamped on, the fabric is dyed. Here James is dying his fabric bright orange after stamping on the pattern. After the fabric is dyed it is hung in the sun to "set" the color. It is then dipped in a pot of hot water to melt the wax and hung up to dry.

Marci and I are watching as Emma shows us how to stamp on the hot wax to make the design on my fabric.

Emma assists Marci in stamping her fabric. This fabric was dyed once before stamping and then redyed after being stamped. We had fun designing and making our own fabric. We also developed a great respect and awe for these two women who go through this long, tedious and hot process over and over. Everything is literally done the old fashioned way using large pots and hot coals. Eli and Emma create most of their fabric for a store called "Global Mama's" in Accra (can also be found online). It is filled with adult and children's dresses, skirts, and shirts. They also sell table runners, aprons, bags, purses and many other products. Most of the items are made out of this bright and creative fabric processed by two incredibly talented women, on the beach in Cape Coast.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lovin' the Children

Here Marci poses with some children of the village "Apaakrom". The Aggrey-Fynn family had us for a very nice African meal. The children in these small villages love to have their picture taken!

James and Marci had a whirlwind tour of several villages that we work in. Here they are with children of "Abakrampa". We had a fufu dinner here with our dear friends, Francis and Alice.

School Visit

Marci holding one of several small school children during her visit to Ghana.

James, Marci and a room full of school kids wave goodbye.

Marci holding one of several children after giving each of them a sucker.

James and Marci along with the school teacher trying to get the children to duplicate what they are doing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Continued Visit of Loved Ones

Two Ghanaian women showing off their head scarfs. The Ghanaian sisters taught us the different ways to tie scarfs around our hair. Scarfs can come in very handy on a bad hair day!

Finally, after 11 months we get to visit the cape coast slave castle. It took family visiting from America for us to finally take the time to see the local tourist attractions.

James and Marci were invited to attend our scheduled zone conference. Both were asked by president Sabey to share their testimonies with the missionaries. Here we are with the Sisters from our area.

Marci feeling the skin of a live crocodile, not far from our apartment.

James touching the skin of the same wild crocodile. There are about 40 different ones living in this pond. An amazing attraction that, once again, we never took the time to visit until now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Special Baptism

After arriving early in the morning and making a mad dash to Abakrampa, Marci and James were able to attend a baptism for 4 new members of the branch. Sister Mary Acquah (White scarf) and 3 children, including Charles Enchill's daughter were baptized on the 7th day of August 2010.

Sister Odeibea and Sister Afrani with the baptismal candidates after the baptism.