Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lovin' the Children

Here Marci poses with some children of the village "Apaakrom". The Aggrey-Fynn family had us for a very nice African meal. The children in these small villages love to have their picture taken!

James and Marci had a whirlwind tour of several villages that we work in. Here they are with children of "Abakrampa". We had a fufu dinner here with our dear friends, Francis and Alice.


  1. I am so glad that Marci and James were able to visit you, and even more glad that they didn't get held up by the African gov. and kept as slaves since they didn't have their Visas. I love seeing the pics of the African kids, they are always so happy! and none of you stick out like sore thumbs either. :)

  2. i love these pictures. i realized that i never did look at the pictures that you took during this time! i love it! miss you.

    i too, am glad we didn't get held up by the African gov.

  3. Sister Saunders, are you eating fufu now? You are progressing!!!! Woooohoo!