Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Mighty Change

On August 28, 2010 youth across the Africa West Area participated in a dramatic performance about the Book of Mormon, titled "A Mighty Change". There were over 10,000 youth performing scenes from the Book of Mormon all on the same day, in groups across the Africa West Area. Sister Lamb, Sister Sabey, and Sister and Elder Saunders waiting patiently in the hot sun for the performance to begin in Cape Coast. It only started 45 minutes late. Actually, pretty good for Ghana! There were a few technical difficulties but overall the performance was delightful!

Three of the sheep of King Lamoni's flock that Ammon protected from the wicked Lamanites. Primary children were recruited to be the sheep but most of the participants in the pageant were young men and young women age.

Wicked King Noah watches as his wicked priests try to capture Abinidi. All of the costumes for this production were made by Relief Society sisters, volunteering their time and their talents.

Youth from the Abakrampa branch wait for the pageant to begin. We helped transport these youth to the practices and helped get their costumes made.

Members from the Abakrampa branch watching the production. Investigator, Philomena holding her son Gideon and her mother Florence who is a recent convert. Her son Manassah was participating in the pageant. This pageant was a great missionary tool to help teach the lessons of the Book of Mormon.

All participating youth gather to sing the final song, also titled "A Mighty Change". The pageant represented the "mighty change of heart" that each of us can have occur in our lives as we study and live the principles found in the Book of Mormon.

The youth and their leaders try on their costumes for the first time in Abakrampa. This pageant gave the youth from Africa the chance to interact with other youth and feel the spirit as they sang hymns and acted out scenes from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon truly has had a "mighty change" on millions of lives all over the world!

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