Sunday, August 15, 2010

Continued Visit of Loved Ones

Two Ghanaian women showing off their head scarfs. The Ghanaian sisters taught us the different ways to tie scarfs around our hair. Scarfs can come in very handy on a bad hair day!

Finally, after 11 months we get to visit the cape coast slave castle. It took family visiting from America for us to finally take the time to see the local tourist attractions.

James and Marci were invited to attend our scheduled zone conference. Both were asked by president Sabey to share their testimonies with the missionaries. Here we are with the Sisters from our area.

Marci feeling the skin of a live crocodile, not far from our apartment.

James touching the skin of the same wild crocodile. There are about 40 different ones living in this pond. An amazing attraction that, once again, we never took the time to visit until now.


  1. i certainly am not fit for a head scarf! haha! to bad the croc looks fake. i'm glad you made it known that it is in fact a REaL LIvE CroCadILe!! and it was scary!

  2. You did see some pretty interesting attractions, in seeing how the cloth is made and how the glass beads are made! I've been to GH twice and haven't seen either!