Monday, May 3, 2010

The Waters of Baptism

We "hiked" over to the beach from the Moree Ward to witness some baptisms. It was hot, rocky, and tiring but we were so grateful that we made the effort.
Before the baptisms, Elders Lewis, Strong, Hill, and MacKay performed a special musical number. Thay sang the hymn, Nearer My God to Thee. The song was sang perfectly and with the ocean as the background it was awesome. The musical number invited the spirit and prepared all to witness the sacred ordinance of baptism.
Elder Adams did the baptising and Elder Lewis and Elder Hill were the witnesses. After a few tries Elder Adams was soon able to time the baptism perfectly between oncoming waves. All of the wards and branches in our area, have access to a baptismal font. Thus there are very few baptisms in the ocean anymore. This could be the only one we witness our entire mission.
Brother Pratt, a counselor in the Bishopric welcomes the new members to the Moree Ward. This is Elder Mackays' and Elder Adams area. We were so glad that they had invited us to witness this event.
Elders Lewis, MacKay, Adams, and Hill with three of the four converts baptized in the ocean Sunday. Two of the six baptisms were children of record. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ and am so grateful to be a part of helping others come to the waters of baptism.


  1. Oh, that's Brother Pratt! Yep, we look related alright!


  2. Margaret! Hi! I hope you read your comments sometimes! :) I never told you happy birthday because our computer was dysfunctional for awhile. so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It looks like it was fun! So glad to know you're having a great experience! Marci and James and Bowen seem to be doing great too. That Bowen is so stinkin' cute in the nursery! And James and Marci are being very faithful Primary teachers. You would be so proud of them! :)