Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another day in Ghana

We were at the Cape Coast Castle waiting for the zone leaders to arrive along with President & Sister Sabey. As we were waiting we decided to walk over to the edge of the hill and look at the waves hitting the rocks below. We had just turned around and Sister Sabey snapped our photo. All the leaders were gathered for zone council meeting and had gone to the castle to have lunch at the Cape Coast Castle restuarant. Just another great day in Ghana.


  1. looks like you have it rough!

  2. Dear Saunders,
    We have a son serving in the Cape Coast mission. We have been following your blog and love it. I see you pick up the Ghana mail/packages. We decided you would be the perfect people to clarify for us. What Is the best way to send a package? The large envelopes made of that almost stretchy paper that can be stuffed full. They are not flat rate but the post office said they are rarely opened because they are so hard to reseal. Is this true? We have tried the small flat rate boxes but they haven't arrived yet. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks Molly Darrow. My email is