Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Villages and People of the Abakrampa Branch.

Margaret visiting and shaking hands with one of our members mother who is 96 years old. She was using a rock to smash some kernels of corn when we approached her. The robe around her shoulder was thrown around her right before the picture was taken. Good thing, it wasn't a pretty site.

This is a picture of one of the part member families in our little Branch. The husband, Mathew is very faithful in his church responsibilities and now his wife Agnes has agreed to be baptized after having the discussions. She has come to church two weeks in a row and bore her testimony at the last fast meeting. The couple live in one of the Little Villages which attend our branch. Note the little cement houses that dot the hillside behind them. A crowd of about 15 small children had gathered behind me to see the "White people".

Here Margaret is visiting with seven members of the branch and several villagers. Any time a camera comes out they rush to get into the picture. We have to disguise our intent and then hurry and snap the photo. This was during a village service project to clean up the local medical facility. They called it a Hospital, but I told Margaret to shoot me before ever taking me to it.

A look at the kitchen, bathroom, sheep pen and laundry at one of the homes of a member. The home is very small with no furniture. The husband and wife (both in their late 60's) and a old lady walked to the service project in Abakrampa which is over 5 miles away. They started walking at 5:00 am and got there just before us at 8:15 am. We gave them a ride home to their village afterwards. This is the village where Margaret met the woman's 96 year old mother. The people are very poor, but don't know they are. They are by far the happiest people we have ever met. We consider it an honor to work with such loving people. They have accepted us whole heartily.


  1. We love your blog - it brings back such pleasant memories. Give Agnus and Matthew our love!

  2. they really are such beautiful people! (not as beautiful as my mom of course!) looks like you guys got a pretty good camera. the pictures are so good, and i love all the stories! well, i'm wishing i was in that warm (or should i say hot) weather today. instead i'm watching the snow and attempting to make bread like mom! (why did you have to be so good at everything!)

  3. I'm sure you had a very memorable Christmas! Kevin and I hope you have a great 2010 as you serve the people in Ghana. It is fun to see the pictures you post. Stay well and happy!

  4. Hi Dave and Margaret:
    It's so fun to see your pictures and read of your adventures! It sounds like you love it there. That is so great!
    Thank you for the poinsettia you sent us. It is so beautiful and every time I walk into the living room and see it, it reminds me of you, our dear friends.
    We are doing pretty well. Rick is getting a little bit stronger, but it is a very slow process. He walks from the bedroom to the living room and back several times a day, and on Christmas he sat in the living room with us for about 30 minutes while we opened presents. It wore him out, but it was fun to have him with us. We're just so grateful that he's still with us and getting better.
    Love to you -
    Rick and Marie