Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thankful for Good Food and Good Friends

Thanksgiving dinner with good food and good friends. From left to right; Lanaya (a humanitarian volunteer from the states), Sister and Elder Turner, Elder Woodhouse and Elder Odom (the assistants), Sister and President Sabey at the mission home. We went to dinner expecting "cranberry chicken" and was surprised with turkey and all the trimmings. We are so grateful for the blessings of being involved in missionary work and being surrounded by people who love and serve the Lord.

We have new neighbors! Dr. Angel from Atlanta Georgia and Dr. Lee from San Diego California. They moved in to the apartment above us. They recently completed school and came to Ghana to open up a chiropractic clinic. They invited us over for a fish dinner. The food was delicious and we had fun getting to know them. Elder Saunders is holding our roll of napkins (I never knew there were so many uses for toilet paper!)

We attended our first baptism. Eleven were baptised! Sister Saunders with four of the girls from our branch. The two older girls on the left, Georgina and Regina and the girl in the black dress in the middle, Mary were baptised at the Yamaronsa Chapel. It is a beautiful building that sets up on a hill overlooking the town of Yamaronsa. It is about 20 miles from Abakrampa where we meet.

Some branch members and the eleven that were baptised. Elder Saunders and I were sitting quietly in the baptism service when it was announced that we would give talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. Of course we didn't know ahead of time but we are learning very quickly not to be is the African way. We were also both asked to be the witnesses (oops!) Elder Saunders explained that I would not be able to do that. We love the people in our branch and feel it a privilege to worship with them.


  1. definately some unforgetable thanksgiving feasting! so glad you actually got turkey. and the pictures of mom with the girls is so sweet, i love it. they are so beautiful!

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  3. Sister Margarita and Elder Dave, what warm feelings to see you there amongst those beautiful people. Just had a great conversation with Marci at the ward Christmas party. Good to see your faces on the blog and glad to have something to watch for updates. We hear of Africa almost daily still and I have wondered how your experience has been. It looks like it is beautiful, you make a great addition to the landscape and people there. God bless you both. Rose Munyan

  4. Margaret giving a talk without any preparation? This is a church of miracles! Thanks so much for sharing your mission with us.