Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day By Day We're Learning the Ghanaian Way

We want to share a few highlights of another week in Ghana. We are keeping busy and enjoying the people, the weather, and being involved in missionary work.
We attended our first Ghanaian wedding on Saturday. It was held in the Ola Chapel. Everyone came in their finest clothes. Except myself and Sister Sabey who wear our missionary attire to ALL events.

All the "Aunties" of the bride wear homemade hats. They are made of starched fabric and are quite amazing.

Elder and Sister Turner, Elder and Sister Saunders, Sister and President Sabey taking a time out to go to dinner. There are some nice restaurants at beach resorts. We enjoy going to dinner with the other couples and watching the amazing sunsets on the beach.

The children love us and we love them. This little boy is in our branch and is constantly moving. He finally held still for a picture with Sister Saunders.

We were invited to the Imbrahs home for a "fufu" dinner. We were taught to eat with our hands out of the same bowl. Elder Saunders is catching on a little faster than Sister Saunders who still prefers her own bowl and a spoon. Fufu is a Ghanaian favorite and was served with hot chicken soup. Bro. Imbrah was surprised when we did not eat the chicken bones and explained that is the best part of the chicken. Elder Saunders tried a bone to be polite....he is much braver than I am!


  1. Eating out of the same bowl? Maybe we should send Jack to Ghana and his eating habits would fit right in. Havyn says "Grandma and Grandpa are really cute and they are helping someone in Ghana, and that is what is cute about them"

  2. Would you like a case of hand sanitizer for Christmas? Are you worried about the chicken bones splintering in your throat and killing you? That's why we don't give them to the dogs. Just thinking of a good excuse in case I'm invited over to your house after you get home. I love your pictures, especially of the sweet people you are serving. We love you.