Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wedding

On February 26th 2011 Patrick and Charlotte were married by President Sabey at the Takoradi Stake Center.

Charlotte's Grandmother, sister, little brother, and mother. Like at home, family dresses in their finest for the celebration.

Sunday the newlyweds came over to our apartment for dinner. We then went to theirs where we watched them open their gifts.
On Tuesday, the 1st of March we went with them to the Accra Temple to witness their sealing. Because a temple marriage is not recognized by the country as a legal marriage, the church gives couples two weeks after the civil ceremony to go to the temple for the sealing. If they do not make the trip to the temple within the 2 weeks they must wait the normal 1 year to be sealed. The wedding was beautiful but nothing compares with the beauty of the Temple and being sealed for time and all eternity!


  1. What a memorable and exciting time.

  2. oh, i wish i could have been there for patrick's wedding! be sure to tell him another congratulations from james and i! they are such a wonderful couple. they both look so happy!!! what a beautiful day and even more beautiful covenants! i know you guys wondered if you'd be there for this day, so glad that you were! GO PATRICK!!!