Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To the Farm

For a service project we drove 10 elders to a recent converts farm in Nyamedom to weed! I wonder if there is a law against giving machetes to missionaries!
Weeding in Africa means getting a sharp machete and whacking down everything but the tree! John Mensah worked hard keeping them sharp by using a rock and little "bowl" of water.

Elder Saunders worked till he had blisters on his hands and was so wet from sweat, I thought someone had poured a bucket of water over him.

Sister Saunders took pictures and waited on a log with the other "Margaret" and her children, Emmanuel and Diana.

The Elders take a quick break to "drink" an orange. They cut the top off of the "yellow" orange and just squeeze the juice into their mouths.

Elder Smith from Ghana shows us how to uproot a cassava plant used in making fufu.

While walking out of the jungle, Elder Togaga'e from Samoa spotted a coconut tree and up he went!
Walking back to the van eating coconuts and oranges. I was surprised Elder Saunders had enough energy to walk back to the van, let alone eat coconut at the same time!


  1. You know Margaret, if Dave gets anymore skinner or even darker, you could shave his head and leave him in Africa and he would fit right in. I need to send some snickers or more big hunks over to fatten him up so they don't keep him in Africa.

  2. ty has a very good point. but no worries...candy is on it's way!! i do have to say that the oranges look pretty refreshing. yum! to bad i can't borrow those missionaries and those machete's on your yard here. :)

  3. I agree. Dave is looking pretty skinny.

  4. I hope you have a very happy birthday this week Sister Saunders! Tell your hubby to be extra, extra nice to you. Love ya lots!