Saturday, October 16, 2010

"With God All Things Are Possible"

We have been driving the sister missionaries out to Apaakrom to teach Philomena Aggry-Fynn, twice a week. We love this family. The sisters' teach in Fante and I hold Philomena's son, Gideon. Right before we were ready to leave I noticed some writing above their front door so I wanted to take a picture of it and invited Florence and Philomena to be in the picture. "With God all things are possible". This represents the faith of this family. It is no wonder they readily embraced the true gospel when it was presented to them.

Sister Saunders doing her favorite missionary work...cuddling a baby! We rode out to a village from Apaakrom to visit Paul's family members. Since car seats are not an option here, I hold Gideon as we travel from one village to another. As soon as we hit the bumpy dirt roads he falls asleep in my arms. I guess he is used to movement since he usually travels on his mother's back.

Every time we would come to teach Philomena, her mother Florence would have prepared some snacks for us to munch on. She is so sweet! In this picture is Sister Anyango (holding Gideon), Paul, Elder Wright, Florence, and Elder Saunders (holding Moria). Elder Wright's companion and Sister Odebia were interviewing Philomena for baptism as we relaxed and visited in the "kitchen". This is truly what we missionaries call a "golden" family!


  1. i cant' believe gideon is so big! have we really been back that long. Moria is just as cute as ever! and i have to be honest, when james and i saw those "treats" we started craving those sweet donut-y things. eat one for us!

  2. I love following your blog!! It looks like you two could not be happier! I can't believe that you have been gone over a year. Time seems to go faster and faster. Peyton is in first grade and Cannon is in preschool!

    I was so glad you were able to share the special experience of going to the temple with me before you left. I have truly felt the blessings of the temple this past year and think of that day often.

    We pray for you and all the missionaries and will look forward to more stories and wonderful experiences that your share!! Love, the Hill Family