Monday, October 4, 2010

Teaching a Special Family

Elder Saunders is entertaining the youngest two children of the Aquah family, while the sister missionaries are teaching the two oldest children. The father John Aquah was baptized on the 2nd of October. He asked to be baptized before his family so that he could baptize them after receiving the priesthood.

Evening of John Aquah's baptism. His wife Veronica is standing to his left. She will be baptized with the two oldest children the end of October. Felicia Enchill was recently baptized and was instrumental in fellowshipping the Aquah family.

Felicia Enchill, Sister Anyango (Uganda), John and Veronica Aquah and Sister Odeibea (Ghana) after John's baptism.


  1. how cool. i seriously love seeing pictures of the people and places that i have seen. looks like sister odeibea got a new hair do! her and her hair! makes me smile. yay, for more baptisms. keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Elder and Sister Saunders!
    We enjoy reading your blog so much! What an incredible experience for you and it is so great that Marci and her husband were able to visit.
    Holly is still doing pretty well for which we are very grateful!
    Love, Bobbi and Reed

  3. Way to go Felicia! Tell Everyone Hi for us.

  4. Hi friends, We feel like we can keep connected and experience a bit of your mission by reading your blog. You are radiant! Yesterday Katie and Dennis Mathews spoke in church prior to leaving on their 18 month mission to North Carolina. Dennis' health has been restored to the point that they can serve a mission. Gary is visiting his daughters in D.C. and I'm tending to the chickens. Love you, Nancy