Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping Day

Here margaret is standing in the fish market with a water melon under her arms. No!, we did not purchase any fish.

Here Margaret is standing in front of the produce market where we buy such things as carrots, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, banana's and water melons. This is our favorite market place to buy fruits and vegetables. It is one of the larger shops. We had just purchased apples from another lady, but told "Sela" that we would start buying them from her. She is very friendly and often adds a little extra for us (called dashing). This picture does not do the market scene justice, since it cannot depict the smell and the flys that are on all the food. Once we get the food home, we wash all of it with soap and water, then we soak it in clorox water for two minutes and then rinse with filtered water. It's a long process, but the Area Office recommends we do it in order to avoid catching typhoid or worms.


  1. I'll be a little more thankful for Maceys next time I go in there!! I'm glad you are doing well. Happy serving!

  2. Um after what you described I would probably wash my food twice. I too am very grateful for Macey's!

  3. nothin like fresh produce and supporting the community! you two are implememting everything i'm all about! love you!

  4. Dave and Margaret - I so glad you are still alive and well! (it says I am "Mom"...and I am to some)
    Paul did our taxes this morning and shared your blog with us. It has been fun reading about your service. It looks like you are fitting right in.
    I am glad you are keeping this blog. It will be fun to follow you.

    Larry and Barb Lewis

  5. You get to eat watermelon in January? I am SO jealous! You guys look great! Sounds like your mission is wonderful! So glad!