Friday, January 29, 2010

Called to Serve

Christmas zone conference 2009 held at the Abura Stake Center. There are six zones represented at this zone conference. The remaining two zones held their conference in Kumasi. Notice how everyone happened to be wearing the exact same tie. President and Sister Sabey gave all of the elders a Kente tie, and all of the sisters received a Kente bag.

Sister Saunders with Sister Turner, Sister Lamb and Sister Sabey. Four of the five senior sisters in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. Working with the other senior couples in the mission has been a real blessing in our lives. It would be hard to find nicer people to work with.

Here we are with Elders Woodhouse and Kpanakau, who are the mission presidents assistants, and to our left is Elder Carton who trained us in our office responsibilities. The three are great young men. Elder Woodhouse is from Colorado, Elder Kpanakau is from Monrovia, Liberia, and Elder Carton is from Clarkston, Washington.


  1. i love seeing pictures of the people that you talk about and love so much. they really look like the amazing people you tell me they are. and is that the elder carton who's blog you found before you went out there?? how cool is that! i especially love the picture of mom with the sister missionaries and the sweet pink bus in the background.

  2. What an amazing group shot! I am sure you are making life long friends! OH the beautiful sunshine.

  3. Hello Again my friends. Hope you're well and having the time of your lives. That weather looks truely amazing. We are freezing down in this neck of the woods. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and tell ya we're still missing you both. Maybe next time, you can post a picture of the two of you cruising around in that snazzy pink bus!! Now that would be sweet :) Wish you well, The Werners.

  4. It's been so wonderful to read your blog! Our son, Elder Hudson Halm, left for the Cape Coast Mission this morning. We live in Phoenix, Arizona. Ghana looks like a great place to serve and our family has enjoyed all the pictures and information you've shared!