Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Day At The Beach

This weekend we needed to get away from our apartment due to a very LOUD wedding celebration just outside our gate. So we decided to take a stroll down the beach. It was very beautiful from the road. But when we walked along the beach we were amazed at the garbage everywhere and the smell of rotting fish in the breeze. Not quite Hawaii!
These boys were playing volleyball using this old fishing boat as the net. They used a small flat ball and seemed to be having a great time! The children are very friendly and seem to be quite fascinated by us "o-brunies". That's what the children yell with delight whenever they see us.
Many fishing boats line the shore. When they are no longer usable the broken pieces remain on the shore as well as the other boats, nets and fishing gear and of course all the fisherman's
garbage that they have thrown in the ocean and on the beach!

Sister Saunders in her missionary beach attire enjoying the "beautiful" (and smelly) surroundings!


  1. that so funny because i (well bowen) got a post card in the mail today from my sweet mother-in-law while she was in hawaii. she said, and i quote, "bowen you would love it here on the beach, it's just like Ghana!" i snickered and thought, i bet hawaii is NOTHING like ghana! i guess i was right! that's defiantly not waikiki beach! i'm glad your getting out and seeing all this cool stuff, and even more glad that you're posting these pictures.

    ps. mom, are you buying new clothes in ghana? i love the skirt...very cute!

  2. UHM--the beach is quite close in decor to the beaches in the Philippines! It is good to see your pictures. You look no worse for the wear. I'm curious about your daily routine. Do you have regular office hours? Do you have a prep day?

    You mentioned that you were the branch pianist--how cool is that?! Little did you know way back when you were taking piano lessons where you would be needed most. Well done, Sister :)

    Lots of love and prayers,