Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jungles of Africa high above the ground.

Here is the start of our adventure into the jungles of KaKum forest. This is a hanging walkway that is about 100 feet above the ground. It is hard to see the bottom because the trees are so thick. A very hot day and very humid. The walkway is approximately 3 football fields long.

The picture doesn't reflect how hot it is, but we assure you we were soaking wet.


  1. oh, don't worry you look sweaty! what an amazing experiance. next time i want to see you swinging from the vines!

  2. so is it hot there...

    In sacrament on Sunday one of the high councilmen told us about his son that is serving a mission in Accra, Africa, Elder Hortin. As soon as he said mission and Africa Havyn stopped coloring and turned to me and said "Africa, I know missionaries in Africa." Don't worry she still talks about you everyday. Thanks for the picture and the book you sent to her. She loved them both and has your picture in a frame by her bed.
    Please send us pictures when you and Dave are in your tarzan get-up swinging on vines.