Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Have Arrived!

This is our second week in Ghana! The Internet has been down most of that time and when it is working it is very slow and I have not been able to download pictures. But today is a good day so I will give a quick update before it is down again!

The flight was long and crowded. We are still adjusting but each day becomes a little easier. We are living in an apartment that was once an office building. There is a long wide hall with offices on each side that have been turned into a kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and bathroom. We do have air conditioning in our bedroom and living room but we need to keep the doors closed to keep the room cool. So the rest of the apartment is hot and muggy. We do feel safe however, we have to unlock 13 locks counting the fence and double doors to get in and out. We have a nice vehicle to use and spend our days at the mission office trying to learn our many responsibilities. Everyone we meet are friendly and welcoming. Little children love us...it must be our shiny white faces!

We attended our first church services on Sunday. For English being the official language not many speak it and if they do I'm not understanding it very well. I do however recognize the spirit and it was very strong at the meeting. The members have strong testimonies and our very committed to the gospel. Dave and I attended the investigators Sunday school and the room was packed. I love being a missionary and look forward to many future adventures!

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