Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Day at the MTC

We leave tomorrow morning at 5:00 to begin our journey to Ghana. I have had very mixed feelings today. No fear but extreme excitement for new adventures and opportunities, some sadness in leaving my family and the country I love and an overwhelming love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to share it with the people of Ghana.

I have loved my experience at the MTC. Being surrounded by young men, women, and couples who have chosen to sacrifice their time to serve the Lord has been in itself a privilege and honor. We have met some amazing couples and have become great friends in a short 2 weeks. Today we met a couple who are also going to Ghana but they are going to the Accra Mission. This will be their forth mission since they were our age. AMAZING. My next post will come from Cape Coast GHANA...things should get a little more interesting as we begin to adjust to a new culture, new country, and new way of life! Stay tuned,the best is yet to come!


  1. Good luck on your trip. I look forward to hearing about you in Ghana. You are amazing.

  2. wow! the 12 days actually went by pretty fast! i can't believe that you are already on the plane headed to Africa. Conference this morning was absolutely wonderful, the messages spoke right to me! i love you too. talk to you soon!!

    oh, mom...btw i love the little scarf you're wearing in the second picture! i'm glad i talked you into buying it!!

  3. Are you settled in yet? I'm anxious to hear about your trip over and how things are going. You must be very busy getting to know everybody and everything.

    Just a little update from home. Steve fell out of a tree--well, actually he was on a ladder and was cutting a high limb off the tree with his chain saw. The branch broke, knocked him off the ladder and we made a quick trip to the ER.

    He gashed his head open---lots of blood---and hurt his left hand pinky finger. We hope it will heal right or he might lose it. He's OK, just a little loopy at times!

    Love your pictures, keep them coming!