Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Faithful People of Bibiani

This is a story of faith and perseverance. Bibiani is a community where several non-members meet to hold church. They are not allowed to be baptized because they are far from any church presence. They faithfully read their scriptures, pay tithing, and many other donations. They meet together every Sunday in this old building. They fast and pray quite frequently that the LDS church will come there and allow them to be baptized.

Here the youth of the Bibiani congregation meet outside for a combined primary and junior Sunday school lesson. The day we attended they had over 50 people at church. They have had over a 100 people in the past but since they cannot be baptized some eventually loose interest. On the day President Sabey left the mission he requested permission from the Area Presidency to baptize these faithful people and send missionaries to Bibiani.

Here we are with some of the faithful after our visit. The man on the far left "Brother Turkson" watches over the little flock and keeps them hoping for the glorious day. These are very spiritual and faithful people who truly deserve to be baptized into the Lord's church.

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