Monday, May 2, 2011

P-Day Fufu Party

For our zone p-day activity the elders wanted to make (and eat) fufu. Sister Saunders is "blending" the onions for the ground-nut soup.

The elders took turns pounding fufu. It literally took all day to prepare enough fufu for our entire zone.

But it seems to be worth all the time and back-breaking labor. The elders love fufu! I must admit Elder Smith's chicken ground-nut soup was some of the best I have had in Ghana.

I snuck in a couple spoons for Elder Saunders and I. We have lived in Ghana for over 19 months and we still can't get use to eating soup with our fingers.

Some of the Elders in our zone enjoying the "fruits" of their labors.

Elder Bahme, Elder Adams, and Elder MacKay were the hardest workers and the last to eat. By the time it was their turn we had ran out of bowls so they were fine with sharing the pot!


  1. wow! great pictures...the smell and the taste came rushing back. i gagged a little.

  2. Sister Saunders, Thanks for feeding my son. He needs to fatten up a little! It almost makes me want to try fu fu. Almost. : )

    Dawn MacKay