Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This and That

This is the road to a little village called Apaakrom. We make the 30 minute drive on this dirt road 1-2 times a week to visit a family from our branch. Currently we are in the harmattan season. It looks like fog but in reality, it is dry, dusty wind from the Sahara. The thick dust obscures the sun and covers everything with a fine dust (inside and outside). Our days are still hot but now very dry and hazy.

On January 13th we said good bye to our dear friends and fellow missionaries, Sister and Elder Kiffer. They headed back to Alaska after a job well done. We love them and will miss them!

Our Ghanaian son, Patrick and his finance' Charlotte entering their soon to be first home together. It is a small apartment with 2 small rooms and no running water. But they are grateful they were able to find a place they could afford. They are planning on getting married in February. We are so happy for them.


  1. oh my gosh I had heard rumors about that, but goodness it really does turn the beautiful skies grey. that is crazy!

  2. so they're finally getting married! oh i'm glad.
    can you tell patrick that "elder hill" says congratulations?