Friday, June 18, 2010

Daily Life in Ghana

Elder Saunders is helping an investigator prepare for the evening meal by pounding casava root to make fufu. Most families have fufu five or six times a week because it is an inexpensive but filling meal. Ama Kwakuma (lady standing behind Elder Saunders) is getting baptized on the 19th of June. This will be the second attempt to perform the baptism. She was hesitant to be baptized the last time we had it scheduled on April 3rd. Now she assures us that she wants to be baptized and will follow through with it. She is from the village of New-Ebu which is about 2 kilometers from Abakrampa.

Late in the evening several villagers come to the well to draw water. This well has underground flowing water that is about 20 feet down. They drop small buckets with ropes attached and then pour the water into larger buckets. As we sat and watched, we saw the same villagers come up to six times to draw water.

Sister Saunders and I have been asked to assist three of the ten mission branches (Abakrampa, Kissi and Mankessim). These are special branches which are not assigned to any stake or district, but are assigned to the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. President Sabey called a special branch conference for the three branches on the 30th of May 2010. The branch service missionaries assigned to these three branches are the Myers (Kissi), the Boamahs (Abakrampa) and the Imbrahs (Mankessim). President Amonkwa (2nd Counselor in Mission Presidency), also attended the meeting which was held in the Yamaronsa ward building. The meeting house was packed with people. It was a very memorable day filled with the blessings of the spirit.


  1. I thought about your blog today and decided to sit for a minute and read.... Well, after several minutes (much longer than I had planned) I am still here reading about your wonderful missionary experiences. Thank you for sharing and thank you for always being such great examples and for being so good to our family. We truly love you and pray for you. Mandy Schiess

  2. Love the last three posts. I think I'll send Marci with $0.70 for a beautiful bracelet from Ghana! My in-laws have had many missionaries from their missions stay with them so, be prepared for not only lasting friendships but many more memories. : ) I love all the things you are witnessing and learning. You guys look like you are having a great time. You're in our thoughts and prayers always.

  3. I finally found your blog! You guys are the best! -Ty Carton