Monday, February 15, 2010

A Weekend in Kumasi

We had a surprise birthday party for President Sabey on his 59th birthday. Sister Kiffer made him a chocolate cake which was to die for. The couples gave president and sister Sabey aprons with African art work and had a seamstress stitch onto the aprons a portion of a statement that we often here the President say, "We are here to serve, not be served". From the Left is Elder and Sister Turner from Thousand Oaks, California, President and Sister Sabey, Sister Saunders and Elder Saunders (standing), Elder and Sister Kiffer from Ketchichan Alaska, and Elder and Sister Lamb from Bountiful. We love serving with these wonderful couples.
Here we are standing next to a tree stump which someone had carved some african wildlife onto. As you take a closer look, you will find a giraffe, an elephant, a warrior's mask and a woman with a child on her back. The carvings went all around the stump. The village this was found in, is where the kente cloth is woven.

From the left is Sister Sabey , Elder Kiffer , Sister Lamb and Sister Saunders. The four are standing in front of a Calabash tree. The large woody fruit, may grow to 25 centimeters. It takes up to seven months for the fruit to ripen. The gourd-like fruit is used to make bowels and also often becomes part of various musical instruments. The fruit is used for medical purposes and the natives use it to heal asthma and other aliments.

Sister Saunders is pointing to cocoa fruit attached to the trunk of this cocoa tree. One of the natives picked the fruit and we were able to eat some of the fruit inside. The fruit is very sweet and has a pleasant taste. The hard bean like center is used to make cocoa. The center has several individual beans surrounded with the fruit. This was in the Kente village when we visited Kumasi. Kumasi is a much further advanced city than most cities and villages in Ghana. The city lies in the center of the Ashanti Empire, which controls most of the gold mined in Ghana. It is much more developed than any other city or village we have visited.


  1. Keep on keepin' on...Mike and Roxie

  2. i got on here to check an address on your side bar real quick so that i can send dad's package today....and WALAA! i new post! you guys are so good at this whole blogging thing. i'm really impressed! looks like Kumasi is a fun little village!

  3. Sister Saunders,
    Thanks for doing a blog while you're serving in Ghana. I love reading it! Our son Jesse is in the GCC mission. He arrived a month before you and is having an amazing experience. It's fun to "view" Ghana through your words and photos. Enjoy your time with Elder Holland this week!

    Thanks for your service! Our son is at

    Dawn MacKay
    Las Vegas, NV

  4. Happy Weekend!
    I love Saturday because you update your blog and I get to see what you are up to! Beautiful table cloth and plates. You both look great. Margaret, you are wearing sandals---I'm so jealous. It's 14 degrees in Cache Valley today. BUT--we do have sunshine, a rarity in this cold, dark winter.

    Steve talked to Mike the other day. They compared dogs :). He looks great and seems to be doing fine. We see Brian occasionally at the market. He looks good, too. Always friendly to us.

    I pray your health is good and you stay safe. Until next week!